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 What you should know about ‘Heart Rate’ For whatever reason, most people seem not to understand that the heart is muscular in nature and like most muscular parts of the body, adapting to slight changes and varying conditions isn’t a big deal. To put it simple, heart rate is the speed of our heart beat. This is determined by the number of contraction in the heart per minute. As fragile as the heart may be, it is very adaptive, reactive, sensitive and ultimately central to life and living, therefore, the importance of good knowledge of the heart and its operation is important. Order Now from Super Cheap Articles In the following paragraphs, we will be looking at some key facts to note about heart rate: How do I know my heart rate? The basic way to know your heart rate is to check your pulse. To check your pulse, press your index and third fingers calmly on your neck. The heart pulse can also be determined at the wrist by placing two fingers on your wrist (i.e. above the ra

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AMSTERDAM Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Well, we've detailed some interesting things you need to know about this magical place. Order Now From Super Cheap Articles Things to do in Amsterdam  Free Concerts : If jazz music is your kind of thing then witness it live at the Bimhuis. Bimhuis organizes a monthly free night where the dancers and musicians combine together and create a performance. Also, if you are looking a place to shake your body, the DJ takes over until midnight and continues the music to get you all charged up. Bike Ride : There is no better way to explore Amsterdam than to do it on a bike. Since the city is known to be the most cycle friendly city so rent a bike, get on them and travel on the bicycle routes to check out the major attractions of the city.  Hit the Nine Street : Many shoppers head straight to the busy store of Kelverstraat, but those who are looking for some serious retail therapy should head down to the famous Nine Street. Here y