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Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Well, we've detailed some interesting things you need to know about this magical place.

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Things to do in Amsterdam

  •  Free Concerts : If jazz music is your kind of thing then witness it live at the Bimhuis. Bimhuis organizes a monthly free night where the dancers and musicians combine together and create a performance. Also, if you are looking a place to shake your body, the DJ takes over until midnight and continues the music to get you all charged up.

  • Bike Ride : There is no better way to explore Amsterdam than to do it on a bike. Since the city is known to be the most cycle friendly city so rent a bike, get on them and travel on the bicycle routes to check out the major attractions of the city.

  •  Hit the Nine Street : Many shoppers head straight to the busy store of Kelverstraat, but those who are looking for some serious retail therapy should head down to the famous Nine Street. Here you can find about 200 retailers, vintage shops, boutiques and specialty stores that sell everything from designer dresses to own made cosmetics.

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

1. Van Gogh Museum
If arts are one of your interests then head to the Van Gogh Museum that is built on a 4 story building
where each floor has something different to present. A little insight is that the second floor contains 200 paintings from the Dutch post-impressionist and the third floor has the information and details about the efforts of the artists who restored these paintings and their troubled life.

2. The Eye Film Museum
This eye catching building is definitely worth a visit. The building contains a cinema, exhibits
contemporary and retrospective shows and a restaurant bar with a terrace facing the water. Tickets
aren’t required for the permanent shows but for the temporary exhibits.

3. Anne Frank House
Want to discover the life of Anne Frank? Go check out the Anne Frank house where her family hid from
the Nazis during the World War 2 for two years. The front of the house is a museum now while the back
side is preserved to give an insight what was life of Anne and her family during those 2 years.

Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

1. Bloemenmarkt
The Bloemenmarkt is the only famous floating flower market in Amsterdam. This flower market is one of
the popular tourist attractions as the sellers here sell all the flowers all seven days a week for which
Netherlands is famous for.

2. I Amsterdam Letters
Just like the Eiffel tower symbolizes Paris, the I Amsterdam letters represents Amsterdam. The letters
were set in different areas of the city as a marketing strategy but who knew they would become so
famous? Tourists come here and click pictures as a sign that they visited Amsterdam.

3. Canals
Amsterdam, also known as the Venice of the north as it contains more than 100 canals. These canals
were built to control the flow of Amstel River but tourists use these beautiful canals by getting on the
boat to witness the magical beauty of Amsterdam whether during the day or night time.

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